Developmental Learning Program

The Developmental Learning Program provides a complete educational program for students with multiple disabilities in a regular education setting. Children are with age-appropriate peers for lessons that are educationally appropriate to the individual child. Students in the Developmental Learning Program work on an academic and functional curriculum developed individually for them. When appropriate, students are included in a general education class for components of their educational program. If necessary, our inclusion facilitator will accompany them and assist them with adaptations and support. Many of our students are mainstreamed for physical education and computer technology, with varying levels of support. All Developmental Learning Program students have cooking and community experiences as a part of their curriculum.

Developmental Learning Program students have access to all related services that are necessary for them to benefit from their educational placement. Speech/Language therapy, as well as Occupational and Physical therapies are provided on-site. A full time nurse is on staff for our more serious health issues. Staff trained in Assistive Technology is able to address any concerns impeding the educational performance of our students.

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