Deaf / Hard of Hearing Program

The Eisenhower Cooperative provides a variety of services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The Instructional Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Program utilizes a total communication philosophy. Our goal is to develop expressive and receptive language skills and offer the opportunity for students to imitate, create, and expand their language base and usage. To achieve this goal, our program incorporates a variety of communication modes adapted for individual needs. These modes of communication include speech, listening, speechreading, sign language (conceptually accurate signed English) fingerspelling, facial expressions, gestures, and the use of assistive devices and technology including state of the art FM systems.

Total communication is implemented throughout the curriculum and various educational environments. The instructional program has established an academic environment that fosters a deaf-linguistic perspective. It implements and adapts multiple curriculums to meet studentsí programming needs and is compatible with state and local district goals and objectives. See the Sound/Visual Phonics is used to help the students with phonetic and reading skills.

Mainstreaming a student is a team decision based on the individual studentís emotional, social, educational, communicative, and cognitive needs and ability levels. We recognize the significance of developing various social and emotional skills in students. Topics addressed through group and individual instruction include social skills, deaf culture, self-concept development, and acceptance of self and others. We develop studentsí coping skills to help build relationships within the self-contained and mainstream settings.

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